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Granite State Land Management utilizes industry-leading land-clearing equipment, technology, and best practices to deliver a high-quality land-clearing product that meets your schedule, your budget and gives you peace of mind.

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Why Choose Granite State Land Management for Land Clearing?

Our land clearing services are NOT a one size fits all approach. At Granite State Land Management we approach each job as its own unique project. We implement our in-house land clearing principles to develop the scope of work and provide clarity and peace of mind like no other land clearing company can. Our key principles of land clearing:

  1. Determine the landowners’ intent and end state for use after land clearing – IE land clearing for Construction Site Prep, Pad or Earthwork, Commercial Developments, Residential Developments etc.

  2. Assess applicable Federal, State and Local laws, regulations and ordinances for land clearing – IE permitted land use, requirements for notification of intent to cut, alteration of terrain permitting, wetland impact permitting, timber tax requirements and more.

  3. Determine the property boundaries and the limits of disturbance for land clearing – We conduct deed research and reconstruct property boundaries utilizing CAD survey software and survey equipment to mark boundaries. Or we utilize our partner engineering firm to assist with conceptual designs and surveying to aid in determining the land clearing requirements.

  4. Propose a scope of work that encompasses the first three principles – Land is a valuable and finite asset. When is comes to land clearing there should be absolute clarity between the land owner and the land clearing company around the work performed and the various phases of land clearing.

Land Clearing Cost

The cost of land clearing is the top question we are asked, and our response is always “it depends”. At Granite State Land Management, we do not use a one size fits all approach to land clearing and depending on the land owners needs and the intended land use the cost may vary. Some of the key factors that determine the cost to clear land:

Tree density and maturity

The more trees and larger they are the longer the land clearing process takes, however, the sale of the timber may help offset this cost if it’s a desirable species or in large enough quantity to justify a timber sale.

Stumps and Method of Disposal

The size and number of stumps play a crucial role in the land clearing process, with larger trees and certain species requiring more time for stump removal. The method of stump disposal is a key factor in determining the cost of land clearing, whether it involves hauling stumps offsite or grinding them on site for erosion control or silt fencing. Granite State Land Management offers various options for stump disposal, including on-site grinding where stumps are ground into material for erosion control, hauling stumps and slash offsite, or consolidating stumps in a designated area as specified by the landowner. ***Due to safety and liability issues Granite State Land Management does NOT bury stumps***


The size of the area in combination with the tree density, maturity and disposal method of stumps is the final factor in driving the total cost to clear land.

What is the most expensive scenario for land clearing? – A landowner that has a high density of old growth trees, where the timber could not be sold or harvested, a high volume of stumps and where stumps would have to be hauled offsite would most likely see the highest cost per acre to clear land.

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