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Site Prep

Turn to our team for site preparation services in Derry, Amherst & Concord, NH

Do you need to turn rugged land into a site that you can build on? You can look to Granite State Land Management for site preparation services in Derry, Amherst & Concord, NH or any surrounding area. We can collaborate with your civil engineering and survey firm with approved plans.

We can perform full site layouts or other services using your existing certified plans such as:

  • Property boundary staking/marking
  • Setback flagging
  • Permitted disturbance area flagging
  • Parking, Structure and Utility layouts
  • Elevation and Grade staking
  • We can provide rough and finish grading services
  • Digging utility trenches
  • We can utilize existing certified plans or custom design a plan
  • Perform clearing, base preparation, rough and finish grading of a road or driveway

We can also perform rough grading and finish grading. To learn more, call (603) 686-8137 now to speak with a site prep contractor.

Consult with our Site Prep Team

You can hire us to design a custom plan or use a certified plan. From home construction installations to driveway installations, you can utilize our site prep services for a wide range of projects. You can count on us to clear the site, prepare a base and grade the area with the utmost attention to detail.

Contact us about site preparation today. We’ll be happy to answer your questions.

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