What is Land GroomingTM?

LandGrooming™ is a unique term created by Granite State Land Management to describe our premium and personalized hybrid service that combines Forestry Mulching, Mowing, Brush Clearing and Selective Tree Removal to achieve a "groomed" and neat appearance for the land owner.

This service appeals to land owners who prefer a selective cutting approach that has a minimal impact on the land, averts erosion, improves soil quality and is environmentally friendly.

Find out about our LandGrooming™ in the Derry & Concord, NH area

Granite State Land Management has created our LandGrooming™ services to encompass selective tree removal, forestry mulching, brush clearing and mowing. You can hire us to give your land in the Derry & Concord, NH area a manicured appearance.

Reach out to us about LandGrooming™ to:

  • Schedule an estimate on LandGrooming™ services
  • Discuss the land clearing project with our team
  • Allow us to measure your area or lot

You can provide refined specifications, such as removing brush under eight inches tall and removing dead and hazardous trees. Call (603) 686-8137 now to arrange for a meeting.

How do our clients use our services?

  • Thinning and Removing Brush, Saplings and Debris
  • Removing Invasive Species
  • Storm Clean Up
  • Trail and Road Clearing
  • Tree and Stump Removal

How does it work?

  1. You Contact Us to schedule and estimate
  2. We arrive and meet with you to discuss the scope of work.
  3. During this time we will measure the area you are interested in “grooming”. This may be a small area or an entire lot, however, it is critical that we determine how much area is being groomed and what the threshold is for grooming.

Land GroomingTM Customer Example:

1.5 Acres, reduce all saplings, trees, brush, deadfall and debris under 8 inches in diameter. Reduce any dead trees or trees posing a potential safety concern regardless of diameter.

Competitive Advantage

What Sets Us Apart?

What sets us apart is we offer you a CHOICE: A fixed pricing (flat rate regardless of the time it takes to clear an area) or daily rate for budget conscious.
We can also offer recurring visit service contracts for long term management.

Contact Us for Your Land GroomingTM Needs

Granite State Land Management is your trusted partner in enhancing and preserving your property. If you’re looking for expert land grooming services, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Contact us today to discuss your project, and let’s transform your land together.

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